~ Finnish Countryside v2 map for Farming Simulator 2011 ~

My apologie from that first version: there were problems with selling haybales. I did fix it, so now you can sell them. Honestly. If you did try that v1, you may remember that my goal was create small, simple and light map. It still is small and simple, but light... I am not sure anymore. Things did again left from my hands, so there are quite much new (and useless) details. Anyway, gameplay still are simple (too simple some may say), just haybales, wheat, barley and rape. No cows, no manure or anything else. And then few pictures to tell rest of the story...

This is one of those new things, new silo (for rape) based on Dan-Corn one (I did only have few pictures it at magazine so it sure ain't 1:1 copy but at least there are good views from the top):

And next... Useless details:

Village shop still is the place to get your equipment:

Stable where our own pony lives - I did try to get as near to real as possible:

Horses still are unmoving 2D-versions, but at least they look now bit more real... I'll think.

You can sale your haybales front of that black door (really):

And also front of this black door at your homefarm:

View from the top of that new silo:

My map without abandoned buildings..? No way!

Another look to homefarm - children's playhouse in the garden:

Finnish countryside view - this is one those that I did spot with Google StreetView and then try to get as close as possible... With bit of "artistic freedom" ofcourse.

Biggest change to first one is this small piece of forest:

There also still is abandoned gas station, abandoned mill, barns etc.

And finally, here is a map:

~ Thanks for watching ~